A VR application helping people with agoraphobia

A VR application helping people with agoraphobia

A VR application helping people with agoraphobia

December 2016 - January 2017

Pilotfish (through AUAS)

Visual and UX designer

Ronny Rook
Pien Leeuwenburgh
Luuk Hafkamp


Through the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we got approached by Pilotfish with the briefing to create a low-cost VR solution helping people with agoraphobia.
We started doing research on agoraphobia and the patiënts, using persona’s, stakeholder and competitor analyses and researching the technology. After a lot of learnings we figured that the best way to go was to let people face their fear through VR.

The research phase consisted of a thorough competitor analysis through which we discovered there were companies doing this but none of them having the USP's of low-cost and accesibility. Other than that we interviewed patients with agoraphobia (which are very hard to find) and interviewed Albert Skip Rizzo, PhD. about medical application of the current state of VR, on which he is one of the leading experts.

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We settled on the Google Cardboard or similair to keep the solution low-cost, using WebVR technology running in the browser to play 360 degree video and binaural audio recordings of outdoor spaces, preferably within the country of the user (based on location). We created different intensity levels, exposing the user for different amounts of time. We used speech recognition as well as gazing as interaction methods for starting and stopping different levels.

My personal role was mainly focussed on concept and UX research, developing the concept, researching and recording the 360 degree video and binaural audio and creating the visual style and branding.


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